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How to set up a worm farm and how to set up a Compost bin

Lemon delicious pudding

Lemon Delicious Pudding and one beautiful Sunday

South American Chocolate Fudge Truffles

Steamed fish with chinese inspired flavours

Meatless Monday – Week 1 : Challenge 1

Vegetarian fried rice with extra veggies

Food for life and the difference we can each have for better health and a healthier planet

Middle Eastern flourless Orange cake

Middle Eastern flourless Orange cake

A little lentil loving – wonderful braised lentils

Midweek dinner inspiration

Spicy chickpeas with haloumi and the regaining of some precious time

Greek biscuits with olive oil and honey

Easy fish in a bag with crispy asian coleslaw

Ava’s coconut slice

Mango and mixed berry smoothie

Pancake Tuesday fun

Garlic chicken with garlic paste magic

Toasted Pepitas and a super start to 2012

The best zucchini fritters & a minty Mojito for Christmas

Big thanks & a very Merry Christmas

My Friday night ‘feel good’ fish

Salted caramel Ice cream

Chocolate and raspberry brownies

Preserved lemons

Spanish potato omelette recipe

A ‘Schmancy’ Spanish omelette recipe to enjoy and egg-y facts

Making butter (and buttermilk) at home

Green pea soup

The best chocolate brownie recipe

The best chocolate brownie recipe

Ham and egg tarts

Ham and egg tarts for Father’s day

Mini caramelised onion tarts

Mini caramelised onion tarts with goats cheese and beetroot relish

Come on baby light my fire! Harissa recipe and Harissa-marinated chicken

When your Mum throws you lemons – make some lemonade!

Warm lentil salad and a nourishing soup

Chocolate truffles for both little and big kids alike


Coconut sorbet with oranges in lime syrup

Salted Almonds

‘Real’ Hot chocolate – hold the horrid whipped cream please!

Delicious homemade muesli

Coconut and lime syrup Birthday cake

Coconut and lime syrup Birthday cake

Moroccan mint tea

Bellisimo Bolognese

Bellisimo Bolognese

Hi, I'm Nellie!

I grew up with a strong love and appreciation of cooking real food with real ingredients, and this blog is where I can share those delicious recipes with you!
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Buddha Bowls

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