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Big thanks & a very Merry Christmas

, Big thanks & a very Merry Christmas

, Big thanks & a very Merry Christmas

We are drawing near to the last of the classes for the year. It flew by in a flash but when I think of the growth in 2011, I am pleased to say we accomplished a lot. What an amazing year it has been!
At this time of year, as we are finishing our wonderful Christmas cooking classes, I find it’s the time I like to reflect and give thanks. I cannot go without mentioning my very lovely family . First & foremost, to Michael. Although he is not often seen during a class, Michael is totally involved in this business. He is my sounding board, my dish drier, chief furniture mover (our furniture gets moved around & shoved in to other rooms many times each week ), he is really good at reaching things up high – Ha! (when your wife is 5 ft 2 “, I can tell you, his arms are up a lot). I love him most of all for his patience, love & for the belief he has in me. To our angels, Grace, Ava and Ettie who light up my everyday & who I love & adore so very much. I do know how lucky I am. Thank you for being the happiest helpers in our kitchen! Always eager to help with egg cracking, stirring, flour spilling – I love you!
To the rest of my family – thank you for beautiful childhood memories that inspire many of the recipes in the classes and for being the initial reason why today I adore eating, sharing and the joy of ‘just being’ around a table with others!
To our brilliant guest Chef’s & Cook’s – Silvia, Keshav, Quyen, Carol, Kirsty & Paul. It has been a joy & pleasure to work with you & to offer more variety to our expanding business.
To my friend & co worker Vicki. I am often asked by guests if they can take Vicki home. She does such a super job & it is so lovely to have a friend by your side in the kitchen. Likewise to Ann-Marie, Kirsty & Karen who have filled in when Vicki couldn’t make it. Lucky, lucky me!
To my gorgeous friend of many many years, Tamara Erbacher who has captured the very heart of both Relish Mama and my family and home in her stunning photographs. Our website is all the better for it – apparently my Iphone pics didn’t quite cut it. It is always a joy to spend time with you Tam.
A little thank you to Beachside creative for the new website. You have been utterly professional and a sincere pleasure to work with.
Lastly and most importantly to our guests. I thank all who have attended classes this year and over the past three years. I have had the pleasure of cooking and meeting some wonderful people & I feel truly fortunate to have shared a kitchen and a table with you. This is a very personal business & you all seem to get that. Your support for ‘Relish Mama’ is so wonderful and sincerely heartfelt. I hope to share it all and more again with you in 2012! Thank you for your feedback, compliments and in many cases, the great recommendations to your friends and family.

It’s time to hit the eggnog everyone!
Wishing you & your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!

Nellie x

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