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A place to unite over a love of great food, Relish Mama cooking classes in Melbourne, have been cooking and bringing people together since 2009. While there have been many changes to the world at large since those early years, the one constant has always remained: Food made with thought, and care and love is what brings us together. Food will always unite us and create moments of joy to enjoy with family, friends and colleagues.

Our cooking classes and food experiences are delivered to groups both online and in person. Thousands have enjoyed our classes over the years. They are a fabulous opportunity to develop your culinary skills in a relaxed and encouraging setting. Of course, if you need us in your house daily, Nellie’s signature cookbooks are yours to enjoy and are packed with inspiration as well as achievable, delicious recipes.


Our food philosophy is simple: ‘Eat and cook real food’. We will provide you with the skills and confidence to do just that.
The reward? Our incredible customers have more time to create and enjoy the magical moments that happen when families and friends come together to connect over a meal.

Introducing Nellie Kerrison, Founder

Relish Mama founder Nellie Kerrison grew up with a strong love and appreciation of cooking real food with real ingredients. The idea of friends & family sharing food around a table makes her feel alive. One of Nellie’s true passions is that she & her team can provide you with the skills to create beautiful meals & memories through their cooking classes in Melbourne (as well as online from anywhere in the world).

With many dances around the stove, Nellie is also a food writer, recipe developer & stylist. She holds a diploma in nutrition & nourishing ingredients inform the way she develops her easy-to-follow recipes. Nellie is continually exploring food history in other cultures & hosts food & wine tours overseas every year. Her extensive experience in the food world is matched by her love & affinity for bringing people together.

“Growing and developing ‘Relish Mama’ has been a joy, to say the least. (Well, okay….except for 2020. That was a tricky one)!


“I have had the pleasure of meeting and cooking with some wonderful people, and I feel really fortunate to have shared a kitchen and a table with all of them.”

– Nellie Kerrison | Founder, Relish Mama

Something for Everyone

Even if cooking hasn’t been your strongest skillset to now, it’s never too late to start. Our classes, resources and bespoke products are designed to empower absolutely anyone to connect with food in a new way.
Whether you’re an enthusiastic ‘home chef’, or aspire to be… one day… we can provide you with the guidance, products and skills to pull together simple, nutritious meals from the staples you already have in your home, or inspire you to try something completely new.
We’ve been teaching cooking classes in Melbourne since 2009. Despite our recent challenges, we are taking the chance to build on our strong foundations and to connect with even more food lovers throughout the country and the world at large

cooking classes in melbourne, ABOUT
cooking classes in melbourne, ABOUT

After the success of the first Relish Mama cookbook in 2014, the second much-awaited cookbook, Relish Mama ‘Family’ was published in 2018. The first Relish Mama cookbook was also proudly re-released in 2019.

These books celebrate ‘real food’. Food that you will be bursting to cook, eat and share with those who you call family.

Nellie is a culinary expert and teacher and has a diploma in Nutrition. She is also a regular contributor to online and printed resources.

When it is safe to travel again, Nellie conducts incredible food tours to Italy and Europe annually. These tours are bucket list kind of stuff.

“I hope our classes bring you joy and that there is also much love and laughter around your table, always. I truly look forward to cooking with you soon!”

With love,

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