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Free Resources

I believe that cooking is an important life skill. I also believe that good food and the memories that surround it are the stuff of life.

I believe in being generous with our knowledge.

I’ve developed some handy free resources to help you along in the kitchen so that you can enjoy more delicious moments with the people you love.

These tips and tricks will hopefully be wonderful kitchen game-changers for you. Some of these free resources can be easily personalised for use within your own family.

Wishing you days of deliciousness always,

Nellie x

Free Resources, Free Resources

What's in Season - Autumn

It’s always handy to know what produce is in season.

By shopping, cooking & eating in season, you will not only save $$, but will get to enjoy full flavours and get top nutritional value.

Here’s a handy one-page mini guide outlining what’s in season in Autumn.

Take it with you shopping and keep an eye out for what’s in season.

Free Resources, Free Resources

How to store fresh herbs

Storing herbs can mean a difference of 3 days to up to a few weeks worth of freshness.

Fresh herbs go bad because of a number of different reasons… Too much moisture on the leaves can turn them slimy, while too little moisture can cause them to dry out.

Excess light can cause fresh herbs to yellow, and excess oxygen, as well as temperatures that are far too cold, can turn them brown.

This handy downloadable resource will help you get the most out of your fresh herbs as well as save you money & avoid food waste.

Free Resources, Free Resources

Freezer Inventory Template

Sure, this may sound incredibly boring but please make friends with your freezer.

This invaluable inventory list will eliminate food waste and will keep in front of your mind that amazing slow-cooked ragu you stashed away rather than it being buried in the abyss of your freezer and to be never seen again.

You can personalise this template. It will allow you to add in your cooked meals as well as proteins, bakery, fruit and veg and much more.

Free Resources, Free Resources

Take me to your kitchen

A handy short guide on tips and tricks I use in the kitchen.

Being prepared, meal planning, making full use of the freezer and my personal thoughts on how to serve and plate up delicious dinners.

This downloadable resource will be emailed directly to your inbox.

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