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Sharing the joys of food with friends, family and co-workers through Melbourne’s inspiring cooking classes.

Good food nourishes, heals, and provokes thought and conversation, but it also brings people together more than anything. Whether it’s in celebration or perhaps sadly commiseration, getting together for a quick weeknight meal or maybe an elaborate feast for the masses, our food tells the story of our lives. Because ultimately, that is what food is about: love, sharing, connecting and nurturing. It is the stuff of life. It’s the sweet spot for us all.


Here at Relish Mama, we can’t think of a more important skill to master or a better way to learn than with the people closest to us. This is why we offer our inspiring cooking classes in Melbourne’s southeast. We cater to pre-arranged groups both in-person and online. We provide a vast range of cuisines that will expand your culinary skills as well as your foodie horizons.


If you’re looking for a delicious, memorable experience to enjoy on your own or with friends, or perhaps a unique way to bond with your colleagues, Relish Mama has something special for you.

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It’s so easy to get stuck in a dreaded ‘food rut’ when we lead such busy lives. We all know the feeling of wanting to try something new and delicious for dinner but also that can also be ready in a flash. We understand that at times planning and cooking meals can feel more complicated than the energy you have on a given day.

In our rush to just get something on the table, we can end up with the same old dish on rotation, that does nothing to excite us or our families. What we miss out on is that heartfelt conversation and revitalised energy around the table that comes with a good meal shared.

We help our customer create beautiful food & enjoy it with the people you love without spending hours in the kitchen

Our mission is to give you the skills and knowledge to rustle up a tasty, easy, nutritious meal through the week, and to push your culinary boundaries further when time allows. We want your heart and your tastebuds to light up as you try new dishes and create new memories with the people that matter most.


Isn’t it time for a new experience in:

  • Moroccan
  • Middle Eastern
  • Vietnamese
  • Vegetarian
  • Thai
  • Spanish and Tapas
  • Midweek Inspiration
  • Italian (including pasta making)
  • Mexican
  • Barbecue

Meet Nellie...

If you haven’t met yet, please allow us to introduce you to our founder, Nellie Kerrison. Nellie is a highly regarded culinary expert and teacher. As the founder of the acclaimed Relish Mama Cooking School, Nellie has the privilege of doing and sharing what she loves best every day.

Nellie adores food and the memories created from sharing a meal, whether at home, at a beautiful restaurant, or sitting on a rickety milk crate around a campfire.


Nellie’s passions, values and food philosophy are clear in all that she shares in the Relish Mama world – the place where she and other like-minded foodies gather to share their knowledge, skills and treasured recipes.

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