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Tag: Chickpeas

The Very Best Hummus Recipes

The Very Best Hummus

The Very Best Hummus Creamy homemade Hummus is one of the loveliest things in the world. Big call but it is so very true. Many years back, I was somewhat obsessed with hummus perfection. I …

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Spiced chickpeas with halloumi Recipes

Spiced chickpeas with halloumi – an easy and quick dinner recipe for you

Spiced chickpeas with halloumi – an easy and quick dinner recipe for you   Hello & welcome, Thanks for being here with me. Firstly, I want to thank all of you exceptional people who emailed …

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Falafel perfection

Just a week before lockdown, I had the pleasure of teaching my Moroccan and Middle Eastern class to the lovely guests who joined us. One of the recipes that I particularly love to teach in …

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Chana Masala Recipes

Chana Masala – a quick and tasty little (plant based) number

Chana Masala is the perfect mid-week dinner. It is super healthy and flavour packed. An added bonus? It’s a vegetarian dish that my whole family loves.

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Spiced oven-baked chickpeas

Who isn’t hommus-obsessed? Many of you know that hummus gets me out of bed.

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A falafel is a culinary treat

In September 2016, I travelled all the way to Paris for falafel. We may have ticked off a few touristy things too whilst there but we did also have a game-changing falafel. This particular falafel day …

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My Grace’s healthy snack platter – it’s a winner !

    Just think about this for a second…… lovely daughter, working really hard in the kitchen cooking her Mother some really awesome healthy snacks and takes them out to said Mother, who is resting by the …

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Vegetarian Moroccan Tagine

I just love the flavours of Morocco. With Relish Mama’s Moroccan cooking classes, I find myself adding more and more to the flavour-packed menu while finding it near impossible to remove any other dishes. No …

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Spanish romesco sauce with chargrilled vegetables and spiced chickpeas

  Grilling your vegetables is a very exciting thing to do. The flavor that it imparts adds a lot of magic to the finished dish. I love my veggies cooked like this and I love …

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Meatless Monday – Week 1 : Challenge 1

In my last blog post, I mentioned I would post our family challenge each week to our supportive and wonderful facebook community in hope that you would join us. The weekly challenge’s will have a …

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A decadent Seafood Pasta Marinara recipe for you

Seafood pasta marinara is such a delicious & impressive dish. Thankfully, making seafood pasta marinara at home couldn’t be easier. It is quick enough to prepare and cook to enjoy on busy weeknights. And, if …

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One-pan chicken with pearl couscous Recipes

One-pan chicken with pearl couscous

Does anyone else feel like we have come out of lockdown, blinked and now it is Christmas? It feels like there is a bit to do friends.  At this time of year, in particular, I …

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Cacio e Pepe Recipes

Cacio e pepe

  Cacio e Pepe is one of my most favourite uncomplicated comfort dishes.   It is insanely good.   Cacio e Pepe literally translates to cheese and pepper.   This recipe can be created in …

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