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Moroccan mint tea

, Moroccan mint tea

, Moroccan mint tea
In Morocco, the tea ceremony is sacred and there is quite an art form to the pouring of the tea. The higher the pour the better, which takes a bit of practice! It is a special welcome into someone’s home or place of business in Morocco. It usually goes hand in hand with wonderfully fragrant orange blossom water being sprinkled on your hands.

This is very refreshing tea. Perfect on a hot afternoon, after a meal and also when you still have a ridiculous amount of mint growing in your garden. Enjoy this lovely tea anytime really!



Green tea
Fresh mint (try for a short leaf bunch, with less stem)
Sugar to taste


Place the tea in a teapot (allow 3 tablespoons for a large teapot about 5 to 6 glasses). Pour over a ½ cup of fresh boiling water. Allow the tea to steep (let stand) for 10 seconds only. This will rinse the green tea and allow the leaves to open up. Pour out the water.

Add all the mint and sugar to taste. Pour fresh boiling water onto mix to fill the pot.

Allow the tea to steep for a few minutes. (If you prefer your tea strong, you may bring the full teapot to boil and let it stand for a couple more minutes).

Close your eyes, relax and enjoy your little taste of Morocco!



, Moroccan mint tea

, Moroccan mint tea

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