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Digging a little deeper – Sicily 2017

, Digging a little deeper – Sicily 2017
, Digging a little deeper – Sicily 2017
The sparkling seas of Sicily
, Digging a little deeper – Sicily 2017
Beauty all around me

Sicily 2017


It is hard to put into words what makes our culinary tours so very special. They are unlike any tour you or I will ever take and I beg you to forego any thoughts of your ‘typical tours’. We do not skim the surface – we uncover local heroes and people. Truly wonderful people with an enormous passion for all they do. These are a unique travel experience and each wonderful day offers something so varied from the one before it.

I have a rather special business partner in London, being William Goodacre. William has become a dear friend and although we only chat so often and see each other in person a couple of times a year, it bears no relevance.
With thanks to William, our daily experiences and integrations on our tours allow us to take part in moments that are so rare. Moments with each other, as a group and with locals that would be absolutely inaccessible without the right contacts. The places we visit and the charming people we meet are not what can be found via a quick type in ‘google’ search (thank heavens for that). In many instances, the people we spend our days with are doing so uniquely for us. It is this, that makes it all the more special. A private palazzo, in the heart of Palermo, opening their doors to us as a group and allowing us to be their very first cooking class. Wow! To then enjoy the fruits of our labour altogether on one beautiful long table in the ballroom of the palace…….ummmmmm….hellloooooo.

I have been home nearly a week and I find my mind wandering, pinching myself at what I was doing and with whom I was sharing my days with just a week and two weeks before. I feel lighter after every tour. Travel somehow allows you to tap into the parts of yourself that you love most. I do feel changed from this tour and I am grateful for that. In the words of Danny Kaye “To travel is to take a journey into yourself’

, Digging a little deeper – Sicily 2017

I adore Sicily. It is rich in history and incredibly stunning scenery. The people of Sicily are proud and passionate. It seems a place of light and dark contrasts when you dig a little deeper. It is a place of intrigue both for its natural beauty and for its culture.


, Digging a little deeper – Sicily 2017
The three P’s…..Palermo, Pigeons and Piaggo (image courtesy of Angelo Turi)


Over 7 days and nights in stunning Sicily, we took over two hotels – one being an unforgettable 11th-century guest house offering both service and a tranquillity, unlike anything I have experienced before. We enjoyed Michelin star dinners and lunches as well as the huge enjoyment and contrast of eating our fair share of Sicilian street food (including spleen – which is somewhat of a delicacy on the street food scene there). I ate my body weight in cannoli and I find upon my return, that my belly (not so) mysteriously resembles the soft fresh ricotta piped on the spot, at the time of ordering (the only way to order and serve cannoli in my humble opinion). We ate dinner by the beach and all the while, true friendships being formed and great joy on the beautiful faces of those who came with us. This joy, on the faces I have really grown to care so much for, is a highlight for me.

Removing ourselves from the every day & looking at the bigger picture is important. I have felt joy on so many levels on this tour.

I have had the fortune of receiving sincere and heartfelt notes since our tour concluded a little over a week ago. To really know how a week spent like this can make someone feel and what it can stir up inside is special. Removing ourselves from our usual lives and routine day & looking at the bigger picture is important. These are the kind of people who come and share our tours

Around the same time next year, we will be travelling to Portugal and taking in Porto, Douro, Evora & Lisbon. All details will be confirmed in the coming weeks. For those who would like to join us, please join us on November 23rd and we host our information night for the 2018 tour. Cannot make this night, email us your interest and we will send you tour information as soon as it comes to hand.

To be able to provide access and design the moments and experiences to our willing and curious guests is really thrilling.

We need to travel now more than ever.








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