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Celebrating 5 years of Relish Mama and 5 million ‘Thank you’s’

, Celebrating 5 years of Relish Mama and 5 million ‘Thank you’s’
, Celebrating 5 years of Relish Mama and 5 million ‘Thank you’s’
Hooray Hooray TODAY is our birthday
Exactly 5 years ago, I took a deep breath and pressed ‘send’ on an email to a very small group of close friends and family. In this email, I confessed that I had a little dream of teaching people to cook, to share my favourite recipes and style of entertaining and to share a table with those that might want to come. I remember feeling incredibly nervous once that email left me and launched itself into cyberspace but within seconds I heard the infamous ‘ping’ sound of my inbox and it was my Sister who was the first to reply “I’ll be there and I am so proud of you”. More ‘ping’ sounds followed and my first cooking class had sold out. I was overwhelmed with both relief and happiness. The nerves had left me and I felt surrounded by love and support. I was more than proud that I was true to our family motto “It’s just 20 seconds of embarrassing courage and 20 seconds of bravery”. This moment of courage and bravery changed my life. I did a little happy dance with Michael and our daughters (a dance I will never forget).
When I look back on those first few months in our home, I remember it so fondly although I can tell you it wasn’t all beer and skittles. It was really tough and I was adamant I would never let this be a ‘backyard’ operation. I was serious, I was driven and incredibly passionate about it all so a business name was decided upon and registered (hello my lovely Relish Mama), licenses and permits were applied, logo’s and graphics were designed and my husband would work a full day at his job and then arrive home to help me with the juggle of running a business from home with three children who also wouldn’t mind some dinner and love also. As the years marched forward, so did Relish Mama. Often it was hard to keep up but gosh, I am glad ; so glad that we did. After years of cooking classes in our home, I took the leap in November 2012 and rented the warehouse space that today is ‘home’ to the cooking school. It took 4 months to design, build and install our dream kitchen and dining space all whilst still running our classes from home and it was an incredible experience. When I walk up the stairs now each morning, the beautiful feel of the space is never lost on me. Relish Mama is a beautiful extension of my beloved family and our family home. After lots of wishing on fallen eyelashes (yes, I still do this!) and crossing fingers and toes, I am pleased to report the people still came and they continue to do so. I have met and cooked with literally thousands of amazing people over these past 5 years. Many of our guests have returned and returned again and many have become friends. They have spoken highly of us to their own social networks and not ANY of this is lost on me. I am forever grateful for the love we receive….for the guest who left one night and rapt an arm around my waist and said “I’ll be back with as many people as I can get to come because this was one of the best night’s of my life”. Can you imagine ?? Sometimes I pinch myself…..oneemail…..thank heavens for that one email.
We will be popping the cork with even more gusto than usual this month and I want to say Thank You. Thank you to our friends, families, students, guests, hosts, staff (I love you all wholeheartedly), to our incredible Chef’s & cooks (past & present) who are part of our dynamic team (you more than rock). If you own or have owned or been part of a small business, I possibly do not need to say more but because I really do like to say more… have made the difference of our doors staying open, for the passion never dying, for the complete an utter joy of a shared table and I thank you……sincerely……you may never ever know just what you have done.
For this ‘party’ month of March (there might just be a personal big Birthday too!), as a token of my love and thanks, I extend to you all a -10% discount – it’s the whole she-bang ……… will receive -10% off all of our classes, all products and all gift voucher purchases online. I hope you can take advantage of this and if you can, here is the code for you to enter online in our website checkout.
This offer will expire 31.03.2014 or before you turn into an April fool!
Thank you with all my heart.
Nellie x

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