This magical tour to Morocco will take place 25th September 2019 - 2nd October 2019.

Option to extend to Fes & the Sahara for a further 5 nights.

Moroccan food is one of the most cleverly balanced cuisines on earth; spices are used to enhance the flavour of dishes and there is nothing like the warm waft of beautiful spices that seduce you when you open the lid of a tagine. To offer this once in a lifetime tour has been a dream of mine and a long time in the planning. Our Moroccan classes are one of our most popular at Relish Mama and I am incredibly excited to soon be sharing the amazing food and culture of this mystical, golden and historic country.

More information, as well as confirmed dates, pricing and itinerary can be found by clicking the below button or by contacting us at Relish Mama. We are delighted to now be taking bookings for this tour.

We would dearly love for you to join us on this once in a lifetime trip.

If you like to travel and to enjoy great food and wine, you will love Nellie’s tour discovering the natural beauty of Morocco, meeting delightful foodie heroes and discovering the traditions of its impressive food culture and amazing vibrancy.

“I invite you to join us in 2019 for an experience like no other this year as we travel together and experience new and delicious wonders. We are off to Morocco in 2019 and we would be absolutely delighted if you care to join us on this amazing culinary journey”.

Tour information is now available and our tour commences September 25 2019.