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A bowl of love as a thank you

Spiced red lentil and carrot soup Here is some solid love in a bowl to everyone, everywhere – for all that you have done and sacrificed during what has quite frankly been one bastard of a year. A huge hats off to fellow Victorians & an extra bowl of soup for you. What we have…

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The best buttermilk pancakes

The best buttermilk pancakes   It is pretty precious to be able to be home with my family this week. The year has been a crazy one for everyone. Some have been confined to home more than normal and others, have been busier than ever, outside of the home and this is us included. I…

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  A meat-eater, a pescatarian and a vegetarian walked into a house. No, this isn’t a bad joke. These three legends just happen to be my daughters. We have three beautiful daughters, all with different dietary needs.  Grace eats a wide variety of vegetables and grains and other non-meat proteins but does like to include…

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