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Healthy smoothie recipes to enjoy

Healthy smoothie recipes to enjoy, Healthy smoothie recipes to enjoy

Hello there friends,


I hope you are really well. If you need a little boost, these smoothie recipes will hopefully be helpful to you.

We took this photograph when we were shooting the first Relish Mama cookbook back in 2014. We couldn’t manage to get the smoothies looking how we hoped or planned.

We shot them as raw ingredients.

We shot the smoothies being sipped.

We shot them as pictured in the post here, but they just didn’t please us (bloody perfectionists, right?). We couldn’t get them looking as we’d hoped, and so sadly, ….they never made it into the cookbook.

I know how much better I feel when I include healthy smoothies into my days, so I wanted to share these recipes with others.

We are quite a few years on now, and you certainly don’t need me banging on to you about the health benefits of green smoothies. However, if you are new to green smoothies by chance, this is a great article to read.

I was flicking through old photos on the weekend, and I stumbled across this very one that I have included. My instant reaction was, ‘what a gorgeous photo’. The colours popped, and I just loved it.

So looking back, maybe the photo really wasn’t ‘book worthy’. Or perhaps I am less about perfectionism these days. Regardless, it is a pleasure to be able to share them here with you either way.

My love for healthy smoothies began quite a few years ago. I was at the gym early one morning with my girlfriend when she saw me watching an infomercial on the television overhead. There were featuring one of the coolest juicers I had ever seen. The American fella was so enthusiastic about this gadget (a little too excited, but that’s what he’s there to do, right)?. I suddenly heard my girlfriend laughing, and then, well, she was cackling as she shouted, “Oh my goodness, you ARE so going to buy one of these, aren’t you!” And I did. As soon as I got home. 

Hook. Line & Sinker. Call me the I was the sucker of the day.

These three healthy juices can be made in whatever you use to ‘juice’ with at home. I hope that they help to make you feel everything you should when enjoying a good healthy green smoothie. I also hope you enjoy the flavours. They are some of my favourites. 

Here’s cheers everyone!


Sending you love.




Classic green smoothie

3 stalks of kale (discard the tough stalk and use the leaves)
3 leaves of lettuce
1 cup coconut water
1 small frozen banana ** (see note below)
Small handful blueberries
A pinch of cinnamon
1-2 tablespoons natural yoghurt (optional)


Put all ingredients into your blender and blitz until smooth.

**If you ever have any bananas that are on their way out or you see them well priced at the market. Peel them and then place them in the freezer in zip lock bags in readiness for your next smoothie.


Beet detox juice

1 medium beetroot, scrubbed and grated or cut into small cubes (if you don’t have a high-speed blender, you can also use roasted or steamed beetroot)
2 small carrots, scrubbed and roughly cut into lengths
2 celery sticks, washed and roughly cut into lengths
2 large Granny Smith apples, washed and cut into wedges
3cm piece ginger, skin on
3cm piece turmeric, skin on
Juice of ½ lemon


Put all ingredients into your blender and blitz until smooth.

Optional; add ½ cup almond milk or natural yoghurt for a creamier beet juice.


Carrot and melon juice

½ cantaloupe, seeded and flesh scooped out and cut into wedges
1 granny smith apple, washed and cut into wedges
2 carrots, scrubbed and roughly cut into lengths
3cm piece ginger, skin on
1 lime, juiced


Put all ingredients into your blender and blitz until smooth. Add a little water only if needed for your desired consistency.

Healthy smoothie recipes to enjoy, Healthy smoothie recipes to enjoy

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