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My new book – Relish Mama ‘Family’

, My new book – Relish Mama ‘Family’


I am delighted to announce my second cookbook Relish Mama ‘family’ is available for pre-release sale through Relish Mama. Just in time for Christmas. It is such a gift to have this in my hands and hopefully a gift to you also.

Official and wider release to all good bookstores will be early 2018. For now, please do click here to get your copies. We are shipping the same day.

Thank you to all of you who have cheered this on. Thank you to all of you who have already bought a copy and to those sending messages that are bringing tears to my eyes. You have no idea how much this means.

This book is a very special one. 271 pages filled with versatile and time-saving recipes for all families from the Relish Mama kitchen. It is a hardback book filled with stunning photography and filled with recipes you will be bursting to cook, eat and share with those who you call ‘family’. 


, My new book – Relish Mama ‘Family’
Pre-sale launch In store now




The word ‘family’ has changed over the years and it means something different to everyone. This book will also mean something different to everyone but it is a guarantee that absolutely all will fall in love with it. Stunning recipes shared with warmth and grace. Recipes you will be bursting to cook, eat and share with those who you call ‘family’.

With excellent tips and tricks, Relish Mama ‘family’ will not only change the way you cook but how you set up your fridge, freezer and pantry to simplify and inspire your time in the kitchen. This book will change the way you get a delicious dinner on the table in quick time. It is a book that celebrates delicious food done smarter.

The second cookbook by Nellie Kerrison, owner of the acclaimed Relish Mama cooking school is as warm and generous as Nellie herself. Nellie invites you to ‘take her to your kitchen and let her show you how to make delicious food everyday’. Take this beautiful book into your kitchen and you will be rewarded again and again.

Every recipe has the potential to become your new ‘family’ favourite. This is a book full of wisdom and warmth and you may just find that it immediately makes itself a book that you cannot do without.


The first Relish Mama Cookbook officially went on sale as of November 2014. It is available through Relish Mama here and many great bookstores. It is also available online through Booktopia & Bookdepository.


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