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My heart and ethics took a hit today for ‘One girl’….can you help

, My heart and ethics took a hit today for ‘One girl’….can you help
, My heart and ethics took a hit today for ‘One girl’….can you help
One girl

I had two very special ladies appear on my doorstep today at Relish Mama. We have never met and yet I felt like we picked up where we left off. I was greeted with a warm and welcome hug along with the comment “Today was the day we just had to call in to you and introduce ourselves. Today was it”. We have been ‘instagram’ friends for a little while but despite living a stones throw from each other (albeit a very good throw!), we had never, until today, had the opportunity to meet. I am so pleased that both Heather and Jayma made the effort  – thank you x.

Sometimes people come in to your life that you just know you are supposed to connect with. Sometimes you get this gut wrenching urge that you know you need to act on and you know why someone has extended themselves…..had to get uncomfortable and ask for your help.

, My heart and ethics took a hit today for ‘One girl’….can you help
Join us – 23rd August 2015


“66 million girls around the world aren’t in school, simply because they were born a girl. But we can help change this – and we will”

One girl….can you help?

As a Mother of three very incredible daughters all of us fortunate enough to be living in Australia, I know I need to stand up and I want my daughters to stand up too. I want to invite you all to share an evening with us on Sunday August 23rd from 5pm – 9pm to raise money for the ‘One girl’ campaign . We will be there as a family. Who doesn’t want their children to be part of change right?

I have been going through the links and videos with my girls tonight since we each got home. Their hearts were hit too as I explained more of the problem. They were actually all aware of this (as I was) and yet we are not doing anything to actively help. Our eldest daughter, Grace told me she has been shown many of these video’s this year in secondary school, as it turns out. Grace is the ripe old young age of 12. This is what hits home for me most. My darling Grace, should she be living in certain parts of Africa….and unable to be put through school, is considered a woman at the age she is now. Her future is out of hers or my control and she could be married (not by choice, of course) at the age of 14 and possibly ( in fact likely) pregnant at the age of 15. If she survives child birth, she might be forced to sell her body to support herself & her child which puts this precious child (yes…still a child) at risk of so many other dangers.


One girl is a wonderful organisation. One girl is dedicated to helping girls not only go to school in some of the toughest places in the world but they commit to a girl staying in school for their entire education because really…..can you imagine the pain if it were all pulled away after just one year?


“We believe every girl on the planet has the right to an education.
An educated girl can change her world.”

This great organisation are putting on an event and their aim is to raise enough funds to put 40 girls through school.

“The focus for this event is girls living in Sierra Leone which is a country where a girl is more likely to be assaulted than go to high school.”

Please join us as we unite to make a change….


Join us for an evening of eclectic and upbeat musical styles from both local and international talent, a screening of One Girls new campaign film, finger food and bubbles to raise money for One Girl, your donation will help us to educate 40 girls in Sierra leone who statistically have more of a chance of being abused than being given the opportunity to go to school.

Tickets are only 50 dollars and children come for free!

$50 adults – all proceeds going where it counts (kids are free)
23rd August 2015 (yes – this is next week guys, let’s hop to it)

75 Reid St, North Fitzroy.

Tickets can be booked here. Please do so asap:

2 thoughts on “My heart and ethics took a hit today for ‘One girl’….can you help”

  1. Dearest Nellie

    Thank You Thank You???? for your kind words and generous support .
    From our hearts to yours and your beautiful family thank you.
    Your message brought tears of joy and a lovely humble feeling to my entire being. I feel truly blessed and grateful to have met you.
    We can’t wait to see you soon.

    Love Hugs and more hugs

    Heather and Jayma xo

    1. The feeling is mutual Heather & Jayma. I truly loved our time together yesterday. Two very special ladies came-a-knocking on my door and I am so grateful. See you on the 23rd. You better warm up that beautiful voice of yours Heather. x

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