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Everything’s just peachy : Barbecue peaches recipe

, Everything’s just peachy : Barbecue peaches recipe
, Everything’s just peachy : Barbecue peaches recipe
Sweet & juicy barbecue peaches

I still remember the day I had my first cooked peach.

I  loooooove peaches. I love all stone-fruit really but wrapping my mouth around my first barbecued peach is a moment I will never forget. My first barbecued peach was enjoyed many moons ago relaxing after dinner around a campfire with my chilled out husband and a one-year old Grace sleeping by our side and an unborn Ava somersaulting around in my tummy. We had a couple of peaches left from the day – all of our friends had left to go back to Melbourne but we decided we should & could stay another night. Our pan was still over the fire from dinner and I simply cut the peaches in half, removed the stones and put them in the warm pan. I served them with yoghurt (bit posh to take creme fraiche camping!). I remember the quiet. I remember our smiles. It was so simple and so sweet ……both the moment and the sheer elation of discovering the wonder of what heat can do for a peach.

I do hope you try this and I hope your ‘ peach moment’  is as sweet as ours was.

Peaches with goat’s curd and honey

Serves 4

4 peaches, cut in half and stone removed
1-2 teaspoons of brown sugar
100g crème fraiche
3–4 tbsp Tasmanian leatherwood honey (or another good quality honey)


Sprinkle a little brown sugar on top of the peach halves. Place the peach halves (flesh side down) on an oiled barbecue grill.
Cook for approx 4-5 minutes. You do not need to turn your stone-fruit.
Divide creme fraiche between the warm peaches and drizzle with honey.

Try this with a variety of stone-fruit as well as the peaches for a sweet taste sensation.

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