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We are turning eight and we have gifts for you

, We are turning eight and we have gifts for you
, We are turning eight and we have gifts for you
We are 8 happy years young

Coincidentally, Relish Mama & I share our birthdays in the month of April. It’s funny though….. I feel relaxed about my own birthday. I do love it and yep….really love the fuss (I aint gonna lie….it’s my one day a year) but I am aware that I really breathe in Relish Mama’s birthday. It is a time where I take a very lovely moment to look at the journey and be leaky-eyed proud of what we have achieved, what we share, what we teach and in particular……be grateful for our supporters and to all those we have met along the way. It has been one incredible journey. The people that have entered my life have changed it.

You may likely know this story…….where exactly 8 years ago, I took a deep breath and pressed ‘send’ on an email to a very small group of close friends and family. In this email, I confessed that I had a little dream of teaching people to cook, to share my recipes and cooking style as well as my strong desire and of sharing a table with those that might want to come. I remember feeling incredibly nervous once that email left me and launched itself into cyberspace but within seconds I heard the infamous ‘ping’ sound of my inbox and it was my Sister who was the first to reply “I’ll be there and I am so proud of you”. More ‘ping’ sounds followed and my first cooking class had sold out. I was overwhelmed with both relief and happiness. The nerves had left me and I felt surrounded by love and support. I was more than proud that I was true to our family motto “It’s just 20 seconds of embarrassing courage and 20 seconds of bravery”. This moment of courage and bravery changed my life. I did a little happy dance with Michael and our daughters (a dance I will never forget).

For this ‘party’ month of April and in appreciation of my love and thanks, I extend to you all a -10% discount – it’s the whole she-bang ……… will receive -10% off our classes and all gift voucher purchases and products (excludes kids classes and vouchers). I hope you can take advantage of this and if you can, here is the code for you to enter online in our website checkout.


The biggest news is my second cookbook is being written this year. I am pinching myself and I cannot wait to share it with you.

My first book received the most heart warming feedback with many saying it is their go-to book. I adore seeing books come in well loved and looking rather kitchen soiled. I love hearing that you refer to it so often in your homes.

“Nellie – I take your recipe book on holidays with me. It is filled with all of the food my whole family love. I love that there are pages and pages filled with everyday food as well as amazing recipes for entertaining that I use often when I have a little more time. Thank you so much.”

In celebration of our eighth birthday, for April only, we are reducing our book by a whopping -25% off.

This offer will expire 30.04.2017

CODE : bdaybook

You can grab your copy of the book here

Please note that onlines orders can only accept one code. Call us or email us (in**@re********.au) if we can help you further.

Thank you with all my heart.



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