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The fundamentals of fermentation

, The fundamentals of fermentation

Fermentation fundamentals – Saturday 2nd September 2017



, The fundamentals of fermentation
Home made labne


At Relish Mama, we offer a hugely diverse line up of cooking classes. This is thanks to the amazing team of passionate professionals, willing to share their skills, knowledge, and expertise with all those who come. In the 8 years since opening our doors, I feel incredibly lucky to have had and still have some of the most amazing people and teachers at Relish Mama.

This Sunday 2nd September 2017, we are offering a fermentation fundamentals class. This class is being taught by Caroline Gray. Caroline is a preserving champion and takes great pride in teaching and sharing what she calls her ‘Nana skills’.

In this class we are going to look at some basic fermentations such as yoghurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, flatbreads and kim chi amongst others so you can gain confidence to build on these skills at home.

Fermented foods are more easily digested and introduce probiotic bacteria (live ‘good’ micro-organisms) to the gut. The diets of all traditional societies include some form of fermented food.

For millennia, cultures have fermented foods to preserve them but most of us seem to have forgotten how to do this at home. This class will dispel your fears and get you confidently making your own fermented food and drinks at home. This magnificent class also covers preserving and pickling too. It is an incredible class not to be missed.

Fermented and cultured foods are nutritional powerhouses that can be easily prepared ahead and consumed in small quantities every day to help keep you and your family happy and healthy.

Ever pondered about SCOBY (or wondering what a SCOBY is in the first place?). Come on by to learn tips, tricks and techniques for making your best.

Caroline Gray will guide you through some fundamental fermentation processes & in this class, you will master :

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  • Creamy yoghurt & labne – mastering some wonderful flavour infusions such as saffron and vanilla bean (sweet) as well as pomegranate and orange zest (sweet) and horseradish and dill (savoury).
  • Za’atar spiced flatbreads with sough dough starter
  • Red cabbage sauerkraut
  • Smoky picked cucumbers
  • Kim chi
  • Kombucha & SCOBY
  • Pickled fennel
  • Super easy cold pickled beetroot and cabbage

Take homes: Sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, pickled fennel.

Plus a smokingly good Rueben sandwich to enjoy in class using in-class sauerkraut and cucumbers.

, The fundamentals of fermentation
Fermentation sauerkraut

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