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The Best Ham and Cheese Toastie

, The Best Ham and Cheese Toastie

Instagram feeds were filled with #internationalgrilledcheesesandwichday yesterday. More power to the toastie, I say.

This toastie is my favourite of all. I will put it to you that it may just be the best toasted sandwich you might ever make and enjoy. It is a toasted sandwich dipped in egg wash so it’s essentially a ham and cheese sandwich that has been French toasted (very bad English on my part but a mighty fine sandwich).

I love a celebration that spills over so tonight, I will put these weary feet up as I sing ‘toasties for one and all’.

This recipe is from the new Relish Mama cookbook ‘Family’. So get out there and support toasties (and Nellie’s) even further by shouting yourself a copy. You could flick through it with toastie in hand – how smug would you be hey!

Happy weekend everyone.




Eggy Dipped Ham and Cheese Toastie

This is truly the best toasted sandwich you might ever enjoy. It’s a toasted sandwich dipped in egg wash so it is essentially a ham-and-cheese sandwich that has been French toasted (bad English but a great sandwich).

Makes 2 large toasties


Egg Wash:

1 egg
20 mL milk
Sea salt


4 slices of sourdough bread
Unsalted butter
Smoky red pepper or tomato relish *
Free-range ham, sliced
Gruyere cheese
Caramelised onions
Sea salt
Ground pepper

To Serve:

Rocket washed and spun dry
Extra virgin olive oil

To make the egg wash, combine the egg, milk and salt in a shallow bowl wide enough to cope with your sandwich going for a little dip.

Preheat whatever weapon of choice you use to make your toastie: a jaffle iron, griller, frying pan, etc. are all fine.

Layer all the fillings on top of 1 slice of bread and season with salt and pepper. Place the other slice of bread on top and dip the whole sandwich briefly in the egg wash.

Toast for approximately 5 minutes or until the cheese is melted and oozing out of your toastie.

Dress the washed salad leaves with just a little olive oil. Lift one piece of bread and add your rocket leaves.


Tips and Variations:

*Our Relish Mama smoky red pepper and tomato relish is really a perfect pair to this toastie but truly, use your personal fave.








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