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Dukkah crusted lamb cutlets

, Dukkah crusted lamb cutlets

Happy Australia day to all

So many things to reflect on and celebrate.

Today is a day I want to be slow at my table and share.

Today is a day I want to celebrate & embrace difference.

Today is a day I want to embrace and raise a glass to living in a country of opportunity. Today I celebrate living in a country that has supported me to open the doors to a very special business eight years ago…..Relish Mama.

Today I celebrate a multicultural Australia. I celebrate being able to take tours to Italy each year and beautiful spirited people travelling with us, with hearts of gold, eager to learn more and take in another incredible country.

Today is a day to celebrate differences.

Today is a day to seek and celebrate what connects us all. We have so much to share with each other.


Without intent, upon reading the above, Relish Mama is clearly a very ‘Australian’ company. We open our doors to share, to connect and to celebrate each other. We share and celebrate with cooking incredible dishes from all over the world.

Today, we traditionally might serve some delicious Australian grown lamb or perhaps some seafood. All of my dishes are so heavily influenced by other countries. I hope you absolutely relish in these delicious lamb cutlets with a Middle eastern twist. They are the best party food going around and make for a sensational mid week supper.

Bon appetito my fellow Aussies.



Recipe from the Relish Mama cookbook ‘Family’


, Dukkah crusted lamb cutlets

Dukkah crusted lamb cutlets with pomegranate molasses

Serves 8 as a canapé / starter


1 tablespoon pomegranate molasses
1 tablespoon honey

8 small lamb cutlets, well trimmed
Sea salt
2 tablespoon olive oil


Whisk pomegranate molasses and honey in small bowl ; set aside.

Season lamb well with salt and olive oil while your bbq grill is reaching optimum temperature. You are looking for direct heat (all burners are on).

Once ready to grill, place cutlets on bbq and cook for 2 minutes on each side (total 4 minutes). This a delicate cut of meat so following the timing above will ensure medium rare.

Transfer lamb to a plate and very loosely cover with foil to rest and keep warm for just 1-2 minutes. Holding each cutlet by bone end, dip both sides of meat in dukkah to coat and transfer to platter. Drizzle pomegranate mixture over cutlets and serve.

If you would like to make a yoghurt dressing for dipping(and I strongly advise that you do), Mix together ½ cup natural yoghurt with 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice as well as ¼ cup tahini paste and 2-3 tablespoons of water.

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