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Bushfire appeal – how we will help

, Bushfire appeal – how we will help
, Bushfire appeal – how we will help
Photo credit – Dale Appleton


At a time that we are usually hugging & passing on the words “Happy New Year”, we are now feeling such sadness and exchanging words like “keep safe”. 

I have been away for a few days. I have sat with my thoughts over these days. Upon returning, I have been researching and donating to where I feel that it will hopefully have the most impact (Celeste Barber is a national treasure in my opinion). 

When Ava woke this morning, she asked why she could smell smoke through the house. I explained that Melbourne now has a thick smoky blanket. Much to my surprise, she got quite teary and her words were “I feel so sad Mum. What can we do to help”? 
I then found Ettie sitting at the kitchen bench donating her pocket money that had been placed in her savings account. Every little bit helps.

We are all grieving and that cannot be pushed aside but I at the same time, it is an opportunity for us to all work together. We can engage in meaningful action together in a huge effort to heal and rebuild.  

We are a small business that desperately wants to help. We are a family who desperately wants to help and we are calling for your support. 

Maybe you feel helpless. 
Maybe, like Ava, you feel so utterly sad and need to know what you can do to help. 

We are going to offer 100% of all proceeds for the below events.

The funds raised will be divided equally across:

The Victorian Bushfire Appeal @cfavic
Red cross Australia @redcrossau
The Salvation army @salvosau
Wildlife Victoria bushfire appeal @wildlifevictoria
Wires wildlife rescue @wireswildliferescue

In the face of what lies ahead……..Everything little bit counts. Everything matters.  


Upcoming events – all proceeds donated equally to the above services:

Teens Mexican class this Sunday 12th January (100% of sales donated)
Moroccan and Middle Eastern feast Friday 17th January at 6.30 pm (100% of sales donated)

Private group cooking class up for auction to take place 1st March for a lunchtime experience & class. Exclusive to you & your group only. Winning bidder wins. (100% of sales donated)

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