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Tag: Desserts

Salted caramel Ice cream

A lady told me on the weekend that she could take this Ice cream to bed. Read in to that what you will but I am thinking it is for it’s comfort, it’s silky texture …

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Chocolate and raspberry brownies

Most of you would know the love affair that I have with a good brownie. I also know a young girl who could possibly ‘pip me at the post’ with her adoration for the perfect …

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Coconut sorbet with oranges in lime syrup

I decided a long time ago that never would such terrible words spit out of my mouth “It’s too cold for ice cream”. It is never too cold for ice cream!!!…..please say this out loud 100 …

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Coconut and lime syrup Birthday cake

The times we get together with my family are fabulous. They are always guaranteed to be full of gorgeous noise, way too much food, kids running around frantically (they seem to only have one speed when …

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