Our tours to Italy have been fabulous and they ran in 2015,2016,2017. They will return after our tours to Portugal & Morocco.

Since 2015, we have had the pleasure to host incredible memorable culinary tours in Italy.

We are heading to Portugal in 2018 and Morocco in 2019 and we would more than love for you to join us.

Head to the blog to read Nellie’s thoughts and words on these wonderful past tours.

We would dearly love for you to join us on our unforgettable tours to Italy.

If you like to travel and to enjoy great food and wine, you will love Nellie’s tour discovering the natural beauty of Italy, meeting delightful foodie heroes and discovering the traditions of Italy and its delicious dishes and wines.

“I invite you to join us for an experience like no other this year as we travel together and experience new and delicious wonders. I would be absolutely delighted if you care to join us on this amazing culinary journey”.

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