Our response to COVID-19 presently at Relish Mama:

[Last updated 28 October 2020]

To our incredible community,

A little letter to let you know where things are at for us right now as a business.

As you are all aware, restaurant and cafes can reopen today. It is such a special day for the hospitality industry. An industry which has been crippled since early March this year.

I write this with hesitancy but I need to communicate what the new rules mean for our business.

With the one space/room, the 10 person rule means that we are unable to reopen for now. Throw social distancing in the mix and no matter how many times we rework the space, it doesn’t stack up.

We, like so many others, are a business that has lost so much this year and yet I feel that we are stronger than ever before. I am using this strength as well as creativity, passion and business smarts to look at the bigger picture. This will take some time but I am optimistic we will get there.

Our classes and the experience that we offer is intimate and social in nature. We are looking forward to welcoming you back and being able to provide you with the same warm and wonderful experience that we always have. We are not able to do this until it makes financial sense for us to do so. We will continue working hard to make this happen but unfortunately, under the current rules, we are not yet at that point – please hang in there.

We need to be at a place where we aren’t guessing what our classes might look. Of course, we envisage them all ‘dreamy-like’ and as they were but what we hope and pray for, isn’t the same for all. Throughout this time, we have been in close communication with many customers and their feelings are mixed in relation to what feels comfortable. As confronting as this was to hear, we appreciate it and understand this. Everyone’s world, priorities and thoughts have been shaken right up through this pandemic. We get it.

We want to be sure that when we open up, it is with perpetuity.

I can’t be more proud of this business. I cannot be more proud of this team. I also cannot be more grateful to you, our customers and the community.

We seek your continued support. We ask for patience and understanding. We ask that you support us however you can (and only if you can). We have an amazing ready-made meals business which we will continue to grow. We also have fantastic online cooking classes for both open to the public groups as well as our Corporates. We will continue to dig deep and we will continue to also serve our community proudly and with love.

Thank you for helping to ‘hold us’ throughout this very fragile year. We hope to continue to ‘hold you’ too and open our arms to you any way that we can.

With love and gratitude always,