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Midweek dinner inspiration (fresh & healthy 'fast food')

Midweek dinner inspiration (fresh & healthy 'fast food')


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Our cooking class Midweek dinner inspiration – helps to make dinner times delicious, stress-free and enjoyable.

It’s easy to get stuck in a dreaded ‘food rut’ when we lead such busy lives. In our rush to get something on the table, we can end up with the same old dish on rotation that does nothing to excite ourselves or our families.

Our mission is to give you the skills and knowledge to rustle up a tasty, easy, nutritious meal through the week, and to push your culinary boundaries further when time allows. We want your heart and your tastebuds to light up as you try new dishes and create new memories with the people that matter most, whether it be a Monday night or a Saturday night in.

Join us for this fabulous cooking class where we will create lovely quick & healthy meals that will provide lots of inspiration for that mid-week rush.

This cooking class is fantastic for those with limited time but who don’t want to sacrifice delicious & nutritious family meals.

This cooking class takes away those feelings of feeling uninspired and defeated when it comes to ‘what’s for dinner?’ and it helps to reduce the mental load of meal planning to create dishes the whole family will love.

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Event Details

Start time: 18:00 AEST

End time: 21:00 AEST

Venue: Relish Mama

Phone: 03 9553 4846


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