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Incredible Vegetarian dishes – in the style of Ottolenghi


Caroline Gray will lead this outstanding class menu where Vegetarian dishes (in the style of Ottolenghi) are absolute stars. This is a beautifully nourishing class.
On the menu:

Leek fritters
Beetroot, yoghurt and za’atar dip
A fabulous herb-filled pie
Roasted cauliflower and hazelnut salad
Scented Moroccan carrot salad
Baked eggplant with buttermilk sauce
Green beans and freekeh and tahini
Labne with cardamon, saffron and vanilla bean
Persian Love cakes

Ottolenghi inspired meals


Ottolenghi’s wonderful style of cooking utilises many spices, salads and vegetables. Bring yourself and your love of Ottolenghi to this fantastic new cooking class, run by Hayley Smorgon. The Middle Eastern flavours will seduce you & take you to lands far away.

This menu is predominantly a vegetarian one with one fish dish on the menu.

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Nourishing salads and meals with Nellie

Nourishing salads and meals with Nellie


Don’t miss out on this cooking class at Relish Mama where salads are the star. The concept of ‘salad’ has been changing in everybody’s minds and the recipes that follow will help you to look at salads in a whole other light. They can inspire and  nourish you. Use vegetables, grains, fruits, a variety of rice, pulses, seafood, meats and more to give you many happy moments around your own shared table.

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