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Uniq Chardonnay Wine Vinegar 500ml


Crafted with Schulzenbach method, this 100% Chardonnay wine vinegar has complex varietal aromas with clean, robust and fruity flavours that combine harmoniously with extra virgin olive oils for perfect vinaigrettes.  It can be drizzled on grilled fish, used to deglaze saute pans for delicious sauces or to add an elegant finish to soups.

Za atar



Popular throughout the Middle East and northern Africa, this combination of thyme, sesame seeds, sumac and salt can be sprinkled over meats and vegetables and salads.

Ready-made meals gift voucher


Do you know someone who could need a helping hand? Perhaps they are going through a tough or stressful time, they may be unwell or perhaps they just had a baby. A Relish Mama ready-made meals voucher is the beautiful way to show you care.

You will automatically receive an e-gift voucher, which you can send directly to the recipient or print out to gift to them.

If you would like a gift voucher posted to yourself or the recipient, simply place this in the special comments area online and we will happily post you a beautiful gift voucher, as requested.


Terms and conditions

As of November 1st, 2019, all of our gift vouchers purchased after this date are valid for a full 3 years from the date of purchase. For cooking class vouchers, the classes do need to be taken, rather than simply booked, during this time.


Relish Mama gift vouchers are valid for purchasing goods and services only. Shipping costs are not covered when redeeming a Relish Mama gift voucher.


Please note each voucher can only be used for what it is specified for. You cannot use a gift voucher to purchase both cooking classes and ready-made meals – these must be purchased separately. We cannot make an exception to this as although both are ‘Relish Mama’, they are different businesses, in their own right. Thank you for understanding.


Yellow citrus squeezer


A must have in your tool kit – no lies! These are the bees knees.

Lemon Squeezer. Produces pure juice with no seeds.

Rich dark pure Dutch cocoa 500g


The Essential Ingredient Pure Rich Dark ‘Dutch’ Cocoa powder is an intense, rich and full bodied cocoa powder perfect for use in puddings, hot chocolate, ice creams, syrups and baked items.

My life, personally, would not be the delicious feats that it is without this stuff!