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Door mat (Knock Knock) Down to- woods

Doormat – Knock Knock


Knock-Knock, who’s there? A perfect doormat, that’s who! Handmade from coir fibre and of the highest quality, this colourful doormat is a fun greeting for even the rainiest of days.

Candle Travel candle Wanderlust

Wanderlust travel candle


Each candle has been designed and hand poured at the Down To The Woods studio in Melbourne, Australia.
Wanderlust Stockholm Candle has sweet warming notes of vanilla and mulled wine.

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Has a hands salad servers


We adore these Hasa hands salad servers. Open the beautiful gift box they come in and you get one big gorgeous ‘whiff’ off Tasmanian timber. Hasa hands are unique, handcrafted and proudly Australian owned and made.

Has a hands are used proudly in the Relish Mama kitchen.
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Potato Ricer


This Appetito stainless steel potato ricer comes with 3 interchangeable discs for fine, medium and course settings.

Simply fill the potato ricer with boiled potatoes and close it together.  You can use the potato ricer to make gnocchi, devilled eggs, desserts, soups and perfectly creamy mashed potatoes and more!

Cannoli Tubes (single piece)


These stainless steel tubes are perfect for making your very own cannoli at home.  Simply make the dough, wrap it around a tube and drop it in the oil of a deep fryer. Once cooled, the tube is removed and your beautifully browned cannoli shells are ready to be filled with your favourite sweet or savory fillings.

Pasta Machine – Al dente


Make homemade lasagne sheets, fettuccine, and narrow tagliolini with this wonderful Pasta Machine and pair them with your favourite sauces.

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made in japan


Assorted platters, bowls and serving ware as used throughout the Relish Mama cooking school for serving and dining. Contact us or pop in to see our small yet beautiful range of ‘Made In Japan’ wares. Prices vary.

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Oyster opener


Oyster Shucker & Holder in a blister pack. The handle of the Oyster Knife is polypropylene and the Oyster Holder is wood.

Yellow citrus squeezer


A must have in your tool kit – no lies! These are the bees knees.

Lemon Squeezer. Produces pure juice with no seeds.