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Turkish chilli flakes by Malouf’s spice mezza


A partially dried pepper. It’s darker, sweet-smoky flavoured chilli flake that has a gentle heat (3 times less than Cayenne pepper) and is wonderfully fragrant. It immediately brightens up any dish. Sprinkle on your kebabs, roast vegetables or on a Turkish Pizza. Mix with olive oil and dip your bread in, throw in sizzling butter and season soups, swirl into your dips for colour and sprinkle on eggs for an exotic heat.

Megachef Premium oyster sauce


Oysters harvested from the clean waters in the Gulf of Thailand are smoked over hardwood, then simmered with brown sugar and sea salt until reduced to this rich, dark, velvety sauce. With no MSG, artificial colours or flavours, this ‘Umami-rich’ sauce is perfect for marinades, stir-fries, braises, or simply drizzled across freshly steamed Asian vegetables.


Green Harissa Malouf’s Spice Mezza 260g


A milder take on Red Harissa. Green Harissa is sweeter in flavour and fragrant rather than fiery. A blend of green chillies, garlic and aromatics with plenty of fresh coriander which makes it refreshing. It is an ideal seasoning for stews, soups, sauces, flavoured butter, vinaigrettes, pasta and risotto. Also use as an accompaniment to couscous, rice, tagines, grills and roasts.




This culinary lavender has a light, sweet aroma that is perfect for use in tea, sorbets, ice creams and custards.


Chipotle chillies in adobo sauce


These are simply a taste sensation.

Chipotles are made from fully-ripened red jalapeño peppers and are then are cooked in a rich adobo sauce made from tomatoes, herbs and spices. The result is a spicy, deliciously smokey stewed chilli which can be added to stews and salsas. Add to mayonnaise and slather across freshly grilled corn.

Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil (with pop up pourer) 750ml


Multi-award winning, premium oil pressed from olives grown near the famous Murray River. This multi-purpose oil is all natural, cholesterol & preservative free & rich in antioxidants & nutrients. It is suitable for sautéing, grilling, roasting vegetables and meats, salad dressings, sauces or simply dipping crusty bread.


Callebaut Cocoa Nibs

Callebaut Cocoa nibs 250g


Chocolate is a flavour and ingredient loved and admired the world around.

Used in both sweet and savoury applications, Cocoa nibs contain no sugar however still contain both the smooth mouth-feel of cocoa butter and the rich bitterness of cocoa.

The production of cocoa nibs is a key stage of the chocolate-making process. Cocoa beans are dried, roasted and crushed into small pieces (the ‘nibs’), which are then ground down to separate the cocoa butter from the cocoa solids.

Callebaut Cocoa Nibs are made from 100% roasted cocoa kernels, and contain no additives.

With the approximate texture of a macadamia nut, they add crunch and flavour to cookies, biscuits and cakes, but are also well suited to salads, spiced couscous and tagines.

Incorporate cocoa nibs into a spicy rub for a beef roast, fold them through your next ice cream, mix them into your morning granola or coat them in toffee and create a unique praline that will bring your desserts to life.

Sweetened Chestnut puree


Handmade using chestnuts grown in the Alpine Valleys of North East Victoria.  This Chestnut Puree is delicious on scones topped with cream or simply swirled through ice-cream.

La Grande Ruota Italian Chestnut Flour


This gluten-free flour is made in Italy grown organic chestnuts which have been dried in the traditional Italian way using very low heat over many days. Drying nuts in-shell imparts a nutty roasted chestnut flavour and makes the nuts sweet and delicious. The dried nuts are then peeled and milled to produce a fine flour that is full of flavour.

Rich Dark Pure Dutch CocoaOut Of Stock

Rich dark pure Dutch cocoa


The Essential Ingredient Pure Rich Dark ‘Dutch’ Cocoa powder is an intense, rich and full bodied cocoa powder perfect for use in puddings, hot chocolate, ice creams, syrups and baked items.

My life, personally, would not be the delicious feats that it is without this stuff!
Sardinillas Baby sardines on toast with tomato

CUCA Baby sardines in olive oil


Cuca was founded in 1932 and for the past 80 years has been producing some of the highest quality canned fish and seafood in Spain.

Key to their success is the philosophy that dictates their production: only using the best raw materials which are hand-harvested, hand cleaning the produce and hand packing the tins. No additives or preservatives are used, these are 100% natural products.

This quality is best seen with the Sardines, they retain their shape, the flesh is firm rather than disintegrating and the taste is fresh.

The North West region of Spain, Galicia, is known as ‘Green Spain’. It is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and is where the Camino de Santiago finishes in Santiago de Compostela.

It is also a region blessed with Rias, shallow fjord-like saltwater estuaries. These Rias account for 85% of Spain’s canned seafood production. The Spaniards have a long tradition of preserving the best part of the seasons catch.

Egyptian dukkah

Classic Egyptian dukkah – Malouf


A wonderful combination of hazelnuts, coriander seeds, cumin, sesame seeds, sea salt and cracked peppercorns and that is free of preservatives.

Dukkah is commonly served with bread and olive oil for dipping. Also delicious sprinkled over steamed rice, labne, dips and salads to add a Middle Eastern flavour.

Fattorie Giacobazzi Aceto Balsamico Di Modena (Aged) 500ml


Made under strict guidelines set to ensure only traditional methods are used, Aceto Balsamico Di Modena has been aged for a minimum of five years resulting in a dense aromatic syrup with an amazingly deep and complex flavour.

This supreme balsamic vinegar is what we use to make our famous Beetroot and balsamic relish. Trust us – It’s amazing stuff!

Megachef fish sauce 700ml

Megachef fish sauce 700ml


Created using only the finest quality anchovies and sea salt. Natural fermentation of 2 years contributes to its rich briny saltiness, yet rounded and clean taste, improving any dish it seasons. Excellent for stir fries, curries or sauces.
Megachef Premium Fish Sauce is Gluten Free, Preservative Free and contains no MSG or artificial colours.


Freekeh cracked


Produced by roasting young, green Australian wheat over a flame, Freekeh’s nutty flavour and crunchy texture make it perfect for salads. The cracked grain greatly reduces the required cooking time.

Gran Gusto Sherry Vinegar image

Gran Gusto Sherry Vinegar 375ml


This young sherry vinegar, produced in the Spanish region of Jerez, through traditional ageing process in oak barrels, known as  ‘solera’ style. It has complex, tangy flavours that linger beautifully on the palate. Only a few drops are needed to enhance the flavor of all kind of sauces and it’s a must for salad dressings!

Lilliput capers in salt

Lilliput Capers in Salt


This intoxicating blend of Sicilian sea salt and capers adds punch & brilliance to meat and seafood dishes as well as salads and sauces.

Mae ploy red curry paste

Mae ploy red curry paste

Mae Ploy red curry paste.

Mae Ploy is the preferred brand of curry pastes that Relish Mama use.

Used to make various curry soups and stir fry dishes. Mae Ploy Brand is recognized in Thailand as a high-quality export product with rich taste and authentic flavour. Packed in a convenient plastic tub with a tightly sealed lid. All-natural. No preservatives or additives.


Maggie Beer Red wine vinegar

Maggie Beer Aged Red Wine Vinegar 375ml


This Red Wine Vinegar is aged in old oak barrels resulting in an austere, developed red wine vinegar style, harnessing the best of both quality Australian wine and traditional European processing methods. Use in vinaigrettes, over baking vegetables, to deglaze a pan or liven up a pasta or soup.

Malouf's Red Harissa

Malouf’s Red Harissa


Dried chillies are mixed with cumin and caraway seeds, adding complexity to the flavour of this fiery sauce that is a staple on every Moroccan table.

Addictive and versatile. You will adore it!

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Masa harina flour (white) – 1kg


Masa harina is the traditional flour used to make tortillas, tamales, and other Mexican dishes. Literally translated from Spanish, it means “dough flour,” because the flour is made from dried masa, a dough from specially treated corn.

Masa harina 1kg yellow packetOut Of Stock

Masa harina flour – 1kg


Masa harina is the traditional flour used to make tortillas, tamales, and other Mexican dishes. Literally translated from Spanish, it means “dough flour,” because the flour is made from dried masa, a dough from specially treated corn.

Persian style red lentils


Persian red lentils maintain their shape when cooked and have a slightly nutty flavour. Similar to the lentils grown in Castelucio in Umbria Italy, they are fantastic for salads, soups as well as Middle Eastern/ Moroccan style dishes. A great companion to cumin, lamb, paprika and mint.

Green de Puy lentils


These lentils are a variety originating from Puy in France. Renowned for their deep nutty flavour and for holding their shape when cooked, these lentils are as perfect for summer salads as they are in winter soups and braised dishes. A great companion to fetta, chevre, mint, peas, tomatoes and game. These lentils do not need to be soaked and take about 20 minutes to cook.

Nigella seeds

Nigella seeds 70g


Nigella seeds release their peppery and slightly bitter flavour when cooked. The small, crunchy, black kernels are a common ingredient in Indian cuisine, particularly sprinkled on naan bread or incorporated into the ‘panch poran’ spice mix.

Orange Blossom Water

Orange blossom water 250ml


Orange blossom water contains the essential oils of the orange blossom. It imparts a citrus scent to foods and compliments the flavour. Orange blossom water is used in many savoury dishes, desserts and baking, salad dressings, and is perfect tossed through fruit.

Mini cocktail tartlet pastry cases

64 pack Mini cocktail tartlet pastry cases


Made from wheat flour, these mini cocktail cases are ideal for your next party.

Top with your favourite filling (we adore them with our famous beetroot & balsamic relish as well along with caramelised onion and fetta) as a great appetizer for your next dinner party!
60 pack = $30
Due to the fragile nature of this product, we can ship however it is not our preference to do so. All care is taken upon packaging our end but pick up is definitely preferable.

La Dalia Pimenton sweet smoked Paprika (superb sweet smoked Spanish Paprika) 70g


This intensely coloured and scented deep red powder is stone-ground after being smoked for 15 days. A key ingredient in Spanish cooking, it also adds amazing depth to stews, marinades and sauces. This is by far one of the most popular items in our store. You too will become addicted. Oh……and the tin makes for a very cute little vase when you are done!

Biodynamic pearl barley 500g


Pearl barley is a healthy, high fibre and nutritious grain with a mild, nutty flavour. It provides a great alternative to rice or pasta and can also be served cold in salads. It is high in nutrients and fibre. Some of it’s many health benefits range from improved digestion and weight loss to lower cholesterol levels and a healthier heart.

Organic tri colour Quinoa – Essential ingredient 600g


Produced in Peru, this organic white quinoa is high in protein, gluten free and simple to cook. Use in place of cous cous, toss through a salad or serve for breakfast. Quinoa truly is a ‘super food’ with more health benefits than you could possibly imagine.

Malouf Ras el honout 55g

Malouf Ras el hanout 55g


This is the legendary North African spice mix, which loosely translates as ‘top of the shop’. This spicy blend is especially good as a marinade for poultry and vegetables and can also be used in soups and tagines. It can be mixed with flour and use as a dusting when grilling, roasting or frying. Add a teaspoon to rice or couscous for incredible flavour.

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Raspberrry Powder (Freeze Dried) 40g


The freeze drying process removes all moisture but retains the natural colour and flavour.  Approximately 12kg of fresh raspberries result in 1kg of dried raspberry powder.  raspberry powder has an intense tart flavour, this makes them ideal for flavouring or decorating many desserts.

Arborio rice Riseria Gazzani Vialone Nano D.O.POut Of Stock

Riseria Gazzani Vialone Nano D.O.P


This Vialone Nano rice from northeast Italy has a slightly longer grain than arborio, but shorter and fatter than carnaroli. It absorbs more liquid than equivalent rices (for maximum flavour), and retains its shape during cooking.




Murray River Salt 250g


Produced from ancient saline waters in Australia’s Murray Darling basin, naturally occurring minerals create this unique pink hued salt with a delicate and soft flake. The perfect salt for seasoning steak or other grilled meat.

Relish Mama cookbook

Relish Mama cookbook – Recipes from a shared table and the Relish Mama kitchen


The award-winning and first Relish Mama cookbook. Re-released in 2019.

Purchase your copy and have it delivered straight to your door. Signed copies are available. Simply add in special comments of your order that you would like a signed copy.

“Relish Mama is a celebration of honest, everyday cooking, as shared by Nellie Kerrison in this much-awaited first cookbook. Every page has meaning and each recipe is a treasure trove of the food Nellie loves most to share with family, friends and through her acclaimed cooking school. What started as a little dream of teaching people to cook, to share her passion and knowledge with others and her warm and generous style of entertaining has grown into a beautifully written and photographed cook book. With recipes for every occasion, you will relish this book and feel the love on each and every page of this stunning debut cookbook.”

Author                     Nellie Kerrison
ISBN                        978-1-925556-99-5
Format                    Hard cover
Publication date      December 2014
Re-released            August 2019
Pages                       260
Recent testimonials :
  • “This is my absolute ‘go-to’ book”
  • “Hi Nellie, I just had to email to say that I LOVE my relish mama cook book! I devoured it all in one hit – once I opened it, I just had to read it from cover to cover! I can’t wait to dive in and make some of the delicious recipes. Love the words and heartfelt descriptions and the practical tips along the way! I will certainly be recommending it to friends! Well done on a spectacular job!!”
  • “I take your recipe book on holidays with me. It is filled with all of the food my whole family love. I love that there are pages and pages filled with everyday food as well as amazing recipes for entertaining that I use often when I have a little more time. Thank you so much.”
  • “I have just ordered a copy of your beautiful book. My sister purchased your book before Christmas & I have fallen in love with it & am just desperate to get my hands on it! A huge well done to you.”

Relish Mama cranberry relish 300 gr


We’d love you to try some of our famous cranberry relish…………….

Just like a puppy, cranberry relish is not just for Christmas.

Glorious plump cranberries working their magic with their loving partners of port, oranges and cinnamon. Fabulous on your Christmas table but we like to serve it all year round. It is really special with turkey (of course!), poultry, ham and pork. Wonderful with grains and lentils or enjoy it with your favourite cheese. Dollop on roasted cauliflower or stir it through warmed carrots. It also makes an excellent glaze. Your sandwiches will also love you for it! This jar of wonder means it’s Christmas all year long.

Refrigerate after opening.



Rose harissa


A key ingredient in North African cooking, Rose Harissa is made from chilli peppers and a mix of over 40 herbs and spices. The addition of rose petals give a special sweetness and softens the chilli kick. This fragrant & versatile harissa can be used as an ingredient, as a seasoning, in relish or a rub. Enjoy it with scrambled eggs, grilled meat and fish as well as salads. Stir it through couscous, roasted vegetables, soups, pitta.

Refrigerate after opening.



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Relish Mama beetroot and balsamic relish 300 gr


We’d love you to try some of our famous relish…………….

Made with premium produce & using ‘slow food ‘cooking methods. This product is one of our hero’s. Our beetroot and aceto balsamic relish is all natural and is preservative and gluten free. It suits a great variety of dishes and we’d love you to experiment but here are some of our favourite uses…………Our Beetroot & Balsamic Relish goes particularly well with beef (we know of many who wont eat a steak or burger without it), game, poultry (especially to accompany your perfectly cooked Roast Chook), savoury onion tart, enjoy it tossed through a variety of Salads, it may be the star addition to your sandwich or Baguette, a winner tossed through warmed potato or carrots, savory onion tart, the perfect partner to your poached eggs and frittata and it is simply beautiful with a great fetta. Use on its own or mix with cream cheese for a super scrumptious dip.

Stockists :

  • Relish Mama – Warehouse 1 , 347 Bay Rd, Chaltenham
  • Frankie’s top shop – 20 Cowderoy St, St Kilda West
  • Sandringham fruit market – Waltham St, Sandringham



Al-Rabih Rose Water 250ml


Rose water is a distilled water with the essence of roses and is used a lot in French and Middle Eastern cuisine. It adds flavouring to both savoury and sweet dishes. It is used to enhance savoury dishes such as tagines & is perfect for adding to desserts, ice cream, fruit, salads and beverages.

Preserved lemons by Relish Mama

Relish Mama preserved lemons


Have you uncovered the power of the preserved lemon?

Made completely by hand and containing quality aromatics for full flavour.
Discard the pulp and finely dice the skin to add to salads, dressing, marinades, cous cous or toss through pasta along with plenty of fresh herbs. They are fabulous also with barbecued meats, sensational with fish and are a match made in heaven for roasted poultry. We dearly love them in our tagines and pyramid salads.
Play around. This little jar of yellow is a whole lot of lovely.

Gluten free


Relish Mama gourmet strawberry and vanilla bean jam


A traditional jam made with sweet, ripe, seasonal berries and made by hand. Strawberries slow cooked and spiked with vanilla bean – it’s very special this jar you’re holding.

Spread on toast with unsalted butter or with a warm croissant and cup of tea in bed. Equally delicious spooned generously onto warm scones and crumpets as well as a vibrant glaze or filling for your homemade cakes. A gourmet yet ready made tart and biscuit filling also. It’s the jam that keeps on giving.

Gluten free

Relish Mama gourmet raspberry jam


A traditional jam made with sweet, ripe, seasonal berries and made by hand.

We hope it goes without saying that our raspberry jam will be heavenly spread on toast with unsalted butter or with warm croissant and cup of tea in bed. Equally delicious spooned generously onto warm scones and crumpets as well as a vibrant glaze or filling for your homemade cakes. A gourmet yet ready made tart and biscuit filling also. It’s the jam that keeps on giving.

Gluten free


Urfa Chilli Flakes


Urfa is dried Turkish chilli pepper. These dark crimson flakes are not too hot and have a smoky, chocolate and raisin-like flavour. They can take dishes to a whole other level (in our humble opinion).

Sprinkle on salads, eggs, roasted vegetables, fish and stews.

Saffron threads – the real deal (1g)


Harvested by hand in La Mancha, Spain, this category one saffron features uniformly vivid red- strands (containing only the stigma) with a rich flavour and aroma that add intense colour and flavour to a wide variety of dishes.

Aleppo pepper flakes


The warm fruity flavour and mild chilli heat of Aleppo Pepper makes this unique spice a versatile addition to most savoury dishes. This popular and versatile spice adds dramatic colour, aromatic zing and mild smoky heat. Sprinkle on pizzas and pasta, add to scrambled eggs and omelettes and even sprinkle over salads.

BarberriesOut Of Stock



Like little red jewels, these dried berries add bursts of gorgeous colour and an explosion of tart flavour. Used often in pilaffs and make an excellent addition to salads, stuffings and more. A great substitute for when pomegranates are not in season.





Sumac packs a wallop of tart, lemony, almost vinegar-like flavour that brightens salad dressings, popcorn & even Bloody Marys. It’s a spice every kitchen should have.

Produced by drying and grinding the fruit of the sumac plant, this traditional Middle Eastern spice has a wonderful citrus fragrance and an astringent taste. It is nothing short of fabulous on fish, poultry, eggs, salads, & pilaf.

Arroz Bomba Calasparra rice 500g

Calasparra rice 500g


Bomba is an ancient and supreme strain of rice that matures very slowly. This creates its ability to absorb three times its volume in liquid (and therefore much more flavour), with the grains remaining firm.

The perfect paella rice.

Uniq Chardonnay Wine Vinegar 500ml


Crafted with Schulzenbach method, this 100% Chardonnay wine vinegar has complex varietal aromas with clean, robust and fruity flavours that combine harmoniously with extra virgin olive oils for perfect vinaigrettes.  It can be drizzled on grilled fish, used to deglaze saute pans for delicious sauces or to add an elegant finish to soups.

Za atar



Popular throughout the Middle East and northern Africa, this combination of thyme, sesame seeds, sumac and salt can be sprinkled over meats and vegetables and salads.

Rich dark pure Dutch cocoa 500g


The Essential Ingredient Pure Rich Dark ‘Dutch’ Cocoa powder is an intense, rich and full bodied cocoa powder perfect for use in puddings, hot chocolate, ice creams, syrups and baked items.

My life, personally, would not be the delicious feats that it is without this stuff!