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Cooking classes gift voucher


The perfect gift! A Relish Mama gift voucher allows your special someone to book into the class and date of their choice.
This voucher also can be used in our beautiful shop to buy any of our gourmet food items and unique ingredients, serving ware and or our cookbooks.
You will automatically receive an e-gift voucher, which you can send directly to the recipient or print out to gift to them.
If you would like a gift voucher posted to yourself or the recipient, simply place this in the special comments area online and we will happily post you a beautiful gift voucher, as requested.
If you would like a gift voucher sent to you for a specific class rather than our popular ‘open’ gift voucher (recipient’s choice), please don’t hesitate to contact us as we would be only too happy to assist.
Terms and conditions

As of November 1st, 2019, all of our gift vouchers purchased after this date are valid for a full 3 years from the date of purchase. For cooking class vouchers, the classes do need to be taken, rather than simply booked, during this time.


Relish Mama gift vouchers are valid for purchasing goods and services only. Shipping costs are not covered when redeeming a Relish Mama gift voucher.


Please note each voucher can only be used for what it is specified for. You cannot use a gift voucher to purchase both cooking classes and ready-made meals – these must to be purchased separately. We cannot make exception to this as although both are ‘Relish Mama’, they are different businesses, in their own right. Thank you for understanding.


Murray River Salt 250g


Produced from ancient saline waters in Australia’s Murray Darling basin, naturally occurring minerals create this unique pink hued salt with a delicate and soft flake. The perfect salt for seasoning steak or other grilled meat.

Mint Home Sienna Salad Bowl Salad Bowl Coastal Stone


Sienna Shallow Salad Bowl (Coastal Stone) Earthenware Made in Portugal. Hand Wash Only. 24cm x 9cm

Due to the fragile nature of some of these products, we can ship however it is not our preference to do so. All care is taken upon packaging our end but pick up is definitely preferable. Cookbooks and the likes are no problem at all.

Relish Mama cookbook

Relish Mama cookbook – Recipes from a shared table and the Relish Mama kitchen


The award-winning and first Relish Mama cookbook. Re-released in 2019.

Purchase your copy and have it delivered straight to your door. Signed copies are available. Simply add in special comments of your order that you would like a signed copy.

“Relish Mama is a celebration of honest, everyday cooking, as shared by Nellie Kerrison in this much-awaited first cookbook. Every page has meaning and each recipe is a treasure trove of the food Nellie loves most to share with family, friends and through her acclaimed cooking school. What started as a little dream of teaching people to cook, to share her passion and knowledge with others and her warm and generous style of entertaining has grown into a beautifully written and photographed cook book. With recipes for every occasion, you will relish this book and feel the love on each and every page of this stunning debut cookbook.”

Author                     Nellie Kerrison
ISBN                        978-1-925556-99-5
Format                    Hard cover
Publication date      December 2014
Re-released            August 2019
Pages                       260
Recent testimonials :
  • “This is my absolute ‘go-to’ book”
  • “Hi Nellie, I just had to email to say that I LOVE my relish mama cook book! I devoured it all in one hit – once I opened it, I just had to read it from cover to cover! I can’t wait to dive in and make some of the delicious recipes. Love the words and heartfelt descriptions and the practical tips along the way! I will certainly be recommending it to friends! Well done on a spectacular job!!”
  • “I take your recipe book on holidays with me. It is filled with all of the food my whole family love. I love that there are pages and pages filled with everyday food as well as amazing recipes for entertaining that I use often when I have a little more time. Thank you so much.”
  • “I have just ordered a copy of your beautiful book. My sister purchased your book before Christmas & I have fallen in love with it & am just desperate to get my hands on it! A huge well done to you.”

Relish Mama cranberry relish 300 gr


We’d love you to try some of our famous cranberry relish…………….

Just like a puppy, cranberry relish is not just for Christmas.

Glorious plump cranberries working their magic with their loving partners of port, oranges and cinnamon. Fabulous on your Christmas table but we like to serve it all year round. It is really special with turkey (of course!), poultry, ham and pork. Wonderful with grains and lentils or enjoy it with your favourite cheese. Dollop on roasted cauliflower or stir it through warmed carrots. It also makes an excellent glaze. Your sandwiches will also love you for it! This jar of wonder means it’s Christmas all year long.

Refrigerate after opening.



Out Of Stock

Relish Mama beetroot and balsamic relish 300 gr


We’d love you to try some of our famous relish…………….

Made with premium produce & using ‘slow food ‘cooking methods. This product is one of our hero’s. Our beetroot and aceto balsamic relish is all natural and is preservative and gluten free. It suits a great variety of dishes and we’d love you to experiment but here are some of our favourite uses…………Our Beetroot & Balsamic Relish goes particularly well with beef (we know of many who wont eat a steak or burger without it), game, poultry (especially to accompany your perfectly cooked Roast Chook), savoury onion tart, enjoy it tossed through a variety of Salads, it may be the star addition to your sandwich or Baguette, a winner tossed through warmed potato or carrots, savory onion tart, the perfect partner to your poached eggs and frittata and it is simply beautiful with a great fetta. Use on its own or mix with cream cheese for a super scrumptious dip.

Stockists :

  • Relish Mama – Warehouse 1 , 347 Bay Rd, Chaltenham
  • Frankie’s top shop – 20 Cowderoy St, St Kilda West
  • Sandringham fruit market – Waltham St, Sandringham



Preserved lemons by Relish Mama

Relish Mama preserved lemons


Have you uncovered the power of the preserved lemon?

Made completely by hand and containing quality aromatics for full flavour.
Discard the pulp and finely dice the skin to add to salads, dressing, marinades, cous cous or toss through pasta along with plenty of fresh herbs. They are fabulous also with barbecued meats, sensational with fish and are a match made in heaven for roasted poultry. We dearly love them in our tagines and pyramid salads.
Play around. This little jar of yellow is a whole lot of lovely.

Gluten free


Relish Mama gourmet strawberry and vanilla bean jam


A traditional jam made with sweet, ripe, seasonal berries and made by hand. Strawberries slow cooked and spiked with vanilla bean – it’s very special this jar you’re holding.

Spread on toast with unsalted butter or with a warm croissant and cup of tea in bed. Equally delicious spooned generously onto warm scones and crumpets as well as a vibrant glaze or filling for your homemade cakes. A gourmet yet ready made tart and biscuit filling also. It’s the jam that keeps on giving.

Gluten free

Relish Mama gourmet raspberry jam


A traditional jam made with sweet, ripe, seasonal berries and made by hand.

We hope it goes without saying that our raspberry jam will be heavenly spread on toast with unsalted butter or with warm croissant and cup of tea in bed. Equally delicious spooned generously onto warm scones and crumpets as well as a vibrant glaze or filling for your homemade cakes. A gourmet yet ready made tart and biscuit filling also. It’s the jam that keeps on giving.

Gluten free


Aleppo pepper flakes


The warm fruity flavour and mild chilli heat of Aleppo Pepper makes this unique spice a versatile addition to most savoury dishes. This popular and versatile spice adds dramatic colour, aromatic zing and mild smoky heat. Sprinkle on pizzas and pasta, add to scrambled eggs and omelettes and even sprinkle over salads.

BarberriesOut Of Stock



Like little red jewels, these dried berries add bursts of gorgeous colour and an explosion of tart flavour. Used often in pilaffs and make an excellent addition to salads, stuffings and more. A great substitute for when pomegranates are not in season.


Arroz Bomba Calasparra rice 500g

Calasparra rice 500g


Bomba is an ancient and supreme strain of rice that matures very slowly. This creates its ability to absorb three times its volume in liquid (and therefore much more flavour), with the grains remaining firm.

The perfect paella rice.

Camargue organic red rice

Camargue organic red rice 400g


French Camargue Organic red rice :

Unmilled slender grain rice from the wetlands of Southern France. Amazing for salads, vegetables, pilafs and more.

This French rice has an outstanding nutty flavour, a good dry consistency and a colour much more appealing than other whole-grain varieties. It is packed full of essential antioxidants and fibres.

Out Of Stock

Turkish chilli flakes by Malouf’s spice mezza


A partially dried pepper. It’s darker, sweet-smoky flavoured chilli flake that has a gentle heat (3 times less than Cayenne pepper) and is wonderfully fragrant. It immediately brightens up any dish. Sprinkle on your kebabs, roast vegetables or on a Turkish Pizza. Mix with olive oil and dip your bread in, throw in sizzling butter and season soups, swirl into your dips for colour and sprinkle on eggs for an exotic heat.

Salus soy candle – rose geranium


Bring peace, love and happiness to your world with this rebalancing blend of relaxing rose, uplifting geranium, calming lavender and soothing cedarwood. Meticulously blended and individually hand poured in natural soy to soothe, uplift and energise.

Contains rose geranium, lavender and cedarwood essential oils, soy wax (85%), coconut wax.

50 hour burn time