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Gnocchi online virtual cooking class


Welcome to our gnocchi online virtual class.

Our gnocchi cooking class will teach you how to make the perfect gnocchi at home.

We will cover the best ingredients and technique to make perfect gnocchi every time.

In this class, we will be mastering the art of making gnocchi as well as 2 simple sauces. At the end of our time together, you will have a mouth-watering dinner for a gorgeous night in…..taaaaa-daaaaaa! Look at you go!

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Currently, our pricing is per zoom rather than per person. This will be reviewed once restrictions ease. Please enjoy these benefits.


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The wonderful Pauline Leonard will guide you to making sensational homemade gnocchi, pasta and sauces – all made from scratch in this completely hands on cooking class . Pauline shares her clever techniques and methods as well as useful tips and tricks.

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