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Cook without a Recipe – Waste-free & Thoughtful Kitchens


Being thoughtful in the kitchen is the first good step towards minimising food wastage and making a sustainable effort. Join us for a great class which is about using what’s on hand to create simple yet delicious, everyday meals. Learn to cook up some delicious meals based on what is in the pantry or fridge: the possibilities are endless! Throughout the class, we will provide plenty of tips and tricks, helping you adapt dishes to whatever you have on hand and build the confidence to cook without a recipe.

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Spiced chickpeas with haloumi blog

Mid week inspiration – fresh & healthy ‘fast food’


One of the most popular classes at Relish Mama.
Join us for this fabulous class where we will create lovely quick & healthy dishes that will provide inspiration for that mid-week rush. You will have so much extra time up your sleeve that a simple & lovely dessert will also be ‘whipped up’!

A superb class for those with limited time but don’t want to sacrifice delicious & nutritious family meals.

Braised lamb shanks

Slow winter food, soups and braises and how to stock pile your freezer


Nothing says comfort quite like warm and hearty braises, piping hot mash and bubbling crumbles. We’re focused on getting the most nutritious meals out of local and seasonal produce. Learn tips to save you time in the kitchen by cooking in big batches and safely freezing and reheating to reduce food waste. Using these tips and tricks means you have a thrifty kitchen and a stocked freezer all winter long.

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