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Bella Festa Italiana (ready-made Italian banquet)


Enjoy our Bella Festa Italiana. A very special Italian banquet to enjoy at home. Delivered to your door.

What’s included:

  • Tasting selection of two salumi and a wonderful Italian hard cheese
  • Slow-cooked shoulder of beef in a rich Italian Chianti sauce
  • Creamy polenta
  • Garlic Foccacia
  • Soft leaf salad with orange and olives
  • Traditional tiramisu (one size only. Orders for serves 2 can simply enjoy more & more tiramisu)

Popular add ons are Relish Mama famous lasagne and or our Artisan pizzas. 

Delivered to your door Friday. Cooked fresh and ready for a wonderful celebration dinner or lunch. The only thing to do is to open the wine, plate up put on his favourite tunes and enjoy.

Eggplant parmigiana

Eggplant parmigiana (parmigiana di melanzane)


A very special recipe from my travels in Italy (in particular, from Sicily).

A delicious and comforting dish that we would love to share with you and your families.

A slow-cooked rich tomato sauce layered with finely sliced eggplant, mozzarella, grana pandano premium Italian parmesan cheese as well as fresh breadcrumbs.

Made fresh to order. Leftovers can be frozen in portions.


  • Nut-free. Meat-free. 





This is a very special recipe from Relish Mama ‘Family’ cookbook. It is a dish cooked with so much love and heart. The recipe, then, was dedicated to our three daughters as it was the recipe they insisted must be in that book.

Now, I would like to cook it for you. You may need some love and comfort now more than ever. We are bringing this lasagne to your homes and families.

A rich ragu, layered with fresh pasta sheets and a glorious creamy bechamel.

This extra-large lasagne will give generous servings. Made fresh. Leftovers can be frozen in portions.


  • Nut-free. 


“Your lasagne is insane! After my order last week, portion control went out the window … I had never tasted pasta sheets with body, smooth texture & stunning flavour! The sauce was beautiful and the top was perfect! “ – Liz Williams via Facebook 

“Your meat lasagne is second to none! Our family just loved it on Friday night. Thank you”. – Paul McMahon via Facebook 

Polpette – Italian Meatballs


Polpette – Italian meatballs because, well…………who doesn’t love spaghetti and meatballs?

These Polpette (Italian meatballs) are prepared for maximum flavour. After rolling by hand, our polpette are cooked gently in our rich tomato sauce. A winner-winner meatball dinner!


  • Nut-free.


  • Cost per serve : Individual = $16 / serve. Serves 2 = $15 / serve. Family = $11 / serve with pasta and $9.80 / serve without pasta.