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Sublime Asian Desserts and high tea class


Sublime Asian Desserts and high tea cooking class. Be part of this wonderful sweets and desserts extravaganza. A much-awaited class. Come and discover the secrets to Patma’ Majid’s sensational dessert recipes.  

These cakes are Asian tea time favourites. They are predominantly from Malaysia where there is a wonderful mix of Indian, Chinese and Malay culture. Malaysians have acquired tea time treats dating back from the British occupation in the south-east regions. This class menu is based on high tea cakes from England but with a delicious Malaysian twist.

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Italian Christmas Baking


A beautiful range of Italian festive biscotti and confectionery – just perfect for a special gift or the Christmas table.

The recipes include;

Florentines made with fruit and nuts and coated with chocolate

Amaretti, almond biscuits, crunchy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside

Panforte the traditional Christmas confection from Siena made from glace fruit and nuts

Panettone Italy’s most famous festive cake and hand rolled Crostoli dredged in powdered sugar.

Rosa Mitchell

The wonders of Ricotta – with Rosa Mitchell


Celebrating the wonders of ricotta cheese with Rosa Mitchell.

One of Australia’s most celebrated Italians, Rosa Mitchell is well known for her traditional wholesome Italian food. Rosa is very passionate about seasonality and small producers, as you will see with all the ingredients presented in her class.

The name Ricotta is derived from the Italian word recocta that means “recooked”. It is fresh, unripened cow’s milk cheese that has a thick texture with high moisture content. Because of low-salt content and light flavour, it can be perfectly used in sweet or savoury dishes.  For this special cooking class, Rosa will show you all the diversity and functionality of creating the most divine dishes using ricotta cheese.

The menu will include 5 dishes in total, sweet and savoury.

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All About Pastry & Tarts


For both the sweet and savoury tooth! Master the perfect tart crust and make pastry that is buttery, delicately crisp and simply beautiful. Professional Pastry Chef Khristina Mulyono will share the tricks and skills behind mastering the art of pastry making. The fundamentals taught in this class are transferrable and will allow you to recreate the tarts at home or apply the techniques learnt to your favourite family recipes. Create Parmesan Pâte brisée, light and airy sable Breton (i.e. French salted biscuits) and the basic all-around dessert pastry, pâte sucrée Classique.

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