Want to make weeknight dinners less stressful, more fun & more delicious?

EVERY NIGHT DINNER SUCCESS is the course & the solution for those wanting to reduce the mental load of ‘What’s for dinner’?+ enjoy a variety of delicious dinners every week (minus the stress).

This course recently CLOSED for registrations for our May 2022 intake. Sign up below to be notified if the course opens again. 

Why You Need This Course

Food is the way we connect. It is how we look after one another and how we look after our own health & of those we love. 

Home cooking is something that we do every day.

Because life has become so busy for all of us, home cooking has become a chore and often a bore for many. We have forgotten the importance of it. The gift that if brings. 

I imagine most of your favourite memories will involve food. A meal and shared time with someone or people you love. It very likely involve home cooked food. It might be a bowl of soup that your Nana made for you or the smell of the tomatoes your Granddad was growing that you later learnt to turn into a sauce. Nothing too fancy but it was time spent together & these food memories make us.....us. 

This course will take away a lot of the mental load and challenges that you face when it comes to the question "What's for dinner". 

This course will give you a way to meal plan (an anti depressing meal plan I might add) as well as give you a proven game plan.

This course will offer dinner inspiration and it will offer amazing variety.

This course will teach you about meal prep too. A few mighty little helpers that you can do in advance to make your weeknights much more of a breeze.

This course will fast become your new BFF in the kitchen & above all else, this course will inspire families to cook more at home.

It will provide you with more time to make more wonderful food memories without spending hours in the kitchen.

Course main features

Here are just a few of the features and benefits

Reduce mental fatigue

Take away the mental fatigue around 'What's for dinner'.

a meal plan & game plan

A proven successful way to meal plan that will please the whole family. A plan that saves you time & last minute panic. 

variety is the spice of life

Dinner variety for all - including those with a mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian family members. Let's expand the repertoire, friends.

SAVE Money & avoid waste

Learn how to save money & avoid food waste by cooking at home. 

pleasure & connection

Nurture the important life skill of home cooking. Dinner time will become a pleasure again & give you time to enjoy with the people you love. 

direct access 

Weekly live video lessons & question sessions. Direct access to me so that you will fast be on your way to achieving Every Night Dinner Success. 

Introducing Every Night Dinner Success

A four week live online course PLUS bonus pre recorded material and resources that are all designed to be the BFF in the kitchen that you've been asking for.

Nellie Kerrison - Your Teacher

Food lover, creator, Mother. 

Nellie Kerrison is a highly regarded culinary expert and is the founder of Relish Mama cooking school in Melbourne, Australia.

Nellie grew up with a strong love and appreciation of cooking real food with real ingredients and places enormous priority on family, the coming together at a table and the sharing of ourselves with one another.

[Relish Mama] Founder & CEO

Our Customers

I feel confident

"I feel very confident to try this in my own home! This course is going to change my entire kitchen experience! Thank you!”


Learnt so much

"Loved this class! I have been cooking for over 35 years and yet I learnt so much. It was a lovely interactive experience that highlights the value of ‘real’ food and exciting combinations of spices and flavour. Thank you Nellie.”


The best & most informative

“This was most definitely the best & most informative cooking class I have participated in.”


Every Night Dinner Success

This course is currently CLOSED. Sign up below to be notified when the course is open for enrolment. 

What Makes Us Different

We believe that home cooking is a gift to be treasured. Why?

We believe that the greatest food memories come from the meals and conversations shared when we come together to enjoy a simple home cooked meal or learn a new skill from someone we love. We believe that you can't pick up the phone and order that kind of goodness.

We believe that home cooking doesn't need to be stressful or overly complicated. 

Explore & enjoy some of our free recipes whilst your waiting for doors to open

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