Credit information

In November 2020, we came to the sad realisation that our cooking school was unable to continue, in the same capacity, after the devastating impact that COVID-19 had on our business and so many others, particularly those in hospitality.


This below is the communication that was sent to those who made contact by the 30th of November 2020 as per our requests via our website, newsletters and social media announcements.


We are doing our very best to honour our gift vouchers and class credits. We did also ask back in November, that if anyone was in a position to forgo their voucher or class booking, it would be so appreciated in an effort to help us rebuild if that were ever possible in the future. Credit packages of our books & products were sent to those who couldn’t forego but were happy to take up our credit offer.


To be more clear regarding the business & for your understanding – where we very sadly arrived at was the fact that we were not able to trade out of the current 9+ months closure due to the unforeseen pandemic.


We could only run on limited reserves as well and especially, our own personal reserves for so long. When things opened up late last year, with many, many discussions with DHHS, it was confirmed that we could only teach 4-5 people in our space at that time. All 1.5 metres apart. It was then apparent, and devastating that we couldn’t trade out of this with the current class & gift voucher credits. It would take us so many years to become a viable business again.


Months later and only in very recent weeks, we are taking very tentative steps towards slowly rebuilding. We have added a few class options to honour our customers with credits or gift vouchers.


If you have a credit you would like to discuss, please do be in touch.
Thank you so much for the compassion and kindness so many of you have shown us over this time.


Kindest wishes,

Nellie & the Relish Mama team


Please email us should you have anything further we can assist you with.