Let us help you create beautiful food to enjoy with the people you love

without spending hours in the kitchen.

Melbourne Cooking Classes – In person as well as wonderful online cooking classes

Our food memories ultimately tell the story of our lives.

Food is about love and it plays an enormous part in how we share ourselves with one another. Good food and the memories that surround it are the stuff of life.

This place….this happy place that you are hopefully picturing right now…… is the sweet spot for us all.


Learning to cook – is a mighty fine (and fun) life skill

Here at Relish Mama, we can’t think of a more important and fun skill to master than cooking.

This is why we offer our inspiring cooking classes in Melbourne’s southeast. We offer fantastic public cooking classes as well as cater to pre-arranged groups both in-person and online. We provide a vast range of cuisines that will expand your culinary skills as well as your foodie horizons.


If you’re looking for a delicious and memorable experience for yourself or to enjoy with friends, or perhaps a unique way to bond and connect with your colleagues, Relish Mama has something special for you.

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Meet Nellie...

melbourne cooking classes, Relish Mama Home
melbourne cooking classes, Relish Mama Home
melbourne cooking classes, Relish Mama Home

If you haven’t met yet, please allow us to introduce you to our founder, Nellie Kerrison.

Nellie is a highly regarded culinary expert and teacher.

Nellie adores food and the memories created from sharing a meal, whether at home, at a beautiful restaurant, or sitting on a rickety milk crate around a campfire (especially around a campfire!).

Nellie’s passions, values and food philosophy are clear in all that she shares in the Relish Mama world – this is the place where she and other like-minded foodies gather to share their knowledge, skills and their incredibly treasured recipes.

Melbourne Cooking Classes & other wonderful food experiences

It has always been our joy and our honour to help our wonderful customers & Corporate teams to create beautiful food that is nutritious, absolutely delicious ……without spending hours in the kitchen

Our mission is to give you the skills and knowledge to rustle up a tasty, easy, nutritious meal through the week, and to push your culinary boundaries further when time allows. We want your heart and your tastebuds to light up as you try new dishes and create new memories with the people that matter most.


Isn’t it time for a new adventure? A new food experience in the likes of:

  • Moroccan
  • Middle Eastern
  • Vietnamese
  • Vegetarian
  • Thai
  • Spanish and Tapas
  • Midweek Inspiration
  • Italian (including pasta & gnocchi making)
  • Mexican
  • Barbecue
  • Pastry & cake decorating

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